My New Blog…

I while ago, I set up a new blog.

I while ago, I stopped writing.

2018 is here and my one and only goal is to get back into writing, and start up my blog again. I miss writing more than anything, and I’d love to share my writing with you again, too!

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New Blog!

So, you may have noticed (or…you may not have noticed) that this blog has been fairly inactive recently, and there’s a few reasons for that.

  1. I started a new blog.
    No, I am not abandoning this blog! I created another blog for a number of reasons, but the main few reasons were these: to have a more serious blog that better reflects me. To have a blog with a more set ‘style/tone/message’, and to try something new/to come at blogging from a different angle.
    My new blog is also on WordPress, it is called The Longest Road To Walk, so click anywhere highlighted in pink and you’ll teleport straight to it.
  2. I’ve been struggling with mental health and motivation.
    Sometimes things get hard and that makes it hard to get and stay motivated, so I’ve been suffering a little bit of a creative block due to my up-and-down mental health paired with my lack of motivation.
  3. I’ve been busy.
    I no longer go to college so I’ve been picking up more hours at work, and on the side, I’ve been working for my mum. When I’m not working I’m spending time with friends, family, and my boyfriend to attempt to busy myself and keep my mind occupied.


There will be more posts on this blog in the future, so do make sure you keep following and checking back every now and again! You’ll find links to my other social media on one of the tabs too.

I hope you’re well!

Thank you for reading.
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A Poem: Tell Me

Tell me:

When did the numbers on the scale start to determine the size of our hearts?
When did we begin letting two or three digits determine how capable our minds are of doing incredible things?
Why does the letter printed on the label of a pair of jeans determine whether or not we are worthy of love or respect?

The truth is:

The numbers on the scale, no matter how big or small, will never determine how much you can love someone or something. Whether the number is in double or triple digits, you can still love and be loved in return.
Your mind is capable of so much more than the minds of those who seek to tear you down based on what digits appear when you step on the scale.
And under no circumstances can a letter on the label of your clothes tell you that you do not deserve to be loved, because I promise you, you do.

Monthly Favourites: March

These monthly favourites posts are not a regular occurrence on my blog, however, I thought monthly favourites would be a great way to get back into blogging regularly! So, here’s my monthly favourites for the month of March!

First on my list is the new live-action Disney film, Beauty and the Beast
  I went to see this in the cinema with my boyfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend, on March 28th, and it’s safe to say that I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful it is. The music is incredible, the visual effects are incredible, and I love seeing a film of my childhood come to life. 
  I would 100% recommend seeing this film before it leaves the cinemas, and I’ll definitely be adding this to my DVD collection when it’s released.
  Favourite Tracks from the Soundtrack: Something There, Be Our Guest, Gaston

Next, is Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide
  Since its release on March 3rd this year, I have been listening to it non-stop in my car. In my opinion, Divide is Ed’s best album, with a perfect mix of upbeat and fun songs to sing along to, and the slower more emotional songs for when you need a good cry. 
  I have loved Ed’s music forever, and this album has just stretched that love another hundred miles. Once again, I would recommend giving this album a listen if you haven’t heard it already!
  Favourite Tracks: Happier, Galway Girl, Barcelona, Save Myself

I found a new app in the month of March, and that is My Fitness Buddy.
Unfortunately, I have been underweight for pretty much my whole life, which has made me an easy target for nasty comments and bullying – but the thing is, I just don’t gain weight no matter how hard I try. 

  It’s been annoying to see so many people going on about health apps to help them lose weight, when I’m sitting here trying desperately to gain it. Then, I found My Fitness Buddy. Giving you the option to lose, gain, or remain the same weight, I loved the freedom you have with this app, and how it’s not aimed specifically at weight loss. 
  All you do is put in your current weight, and the weight you want to be, and it will tell you how many calories you need to eat per day. Then, as you eat throughout the day, you fill in the foods (most of the foods you search will be there, so you just search it and click it as opposed to add in all the details yourself), and it will keep track of your calories and exercise for you.
  I’ve been using it for two weeks now, and I’ve loved it! 

Another app I’ve been using and loving since January is Sleep Cycle.
  I’m awful at getting enough sleep, and I always wake up feeling tired. Alarms are not my friend because of how abruptly they wake you up and your chosen time. Sleep Cycle has changed everything!
  All you do is leave your phone screen-down, on charge, and next to your bed with the app open, and using the microphone the app will track your breathing and movement as you sleep. If you’ve chosen to use an alarm and you’ve set it for, say, eight in the morning, the app will wake you up between seven-thirty and eight, so as not to interrupt you mid-cycle. 
  In the morning, you will be presented with a chart which shows you your sleeping pattern from being awake, asleep, in a deep sleep, etc. It will also tell you how long you slept for, your sleep quality, and your average hours of sleep.
  Even if I still don’t have an official sleeping pattern, it’s so interesting to see how I sleep, and have these charts of information to look at!

Next up is a TV show I’ve been binging all month, and that is the 90’s series, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  I used to watch re-runs of this show when I was younger, so when I found out it was on Netflix (and when my boyfriend bought me the box set for my eighteenth birthday), I was straight away watching episode one.
  I’m now coming to the end of the fourth season, and I know I’ll be heartbroken when I finish season 6, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. This show has made me laugh and cry, and I’m so, so attached to all the characters, so if you want a good, easy show to watch, then Fresh Prince is where it’s at. 

Another series I’ve been binge watching is a collection of documentaries by Louis Theroux.
They’re on both Sky and Netflix, and I’m always one to watch a good documentary, so I’ve been getting through as many as I can. I’ve so far watched: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia, Under the Knife, Behind Bars, LA Stories: City of Dogs, and LA Stories: Edge of Life. 

  All of his documentaries are incredibly interesting, and some of them are so heartbreaking and hard to watch (like City of Dogs, and Edge of Life), but they’re great to watch, and I love the way he presents his documentaries.
  Favourite Episodes: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia, Behind Bars, and LA Stories: City of Dogs

My book of the month is a ‘bangsian fantasy’ book by Richard Matheson, called What Dreams May Come.
  For my Creative Writing class, I had to write a short story, and I chose to write about the afterlife. To do this, I had to explore the genre of the afterlife and watch/read films, TV shows, books, and articles, in order to build up a decent bibliography. 
  A woman at my college mentioned the movie ‘What Dreams May Come’, which was based on this book, but because most of my sources of inspiration came from movies (like Ghost, Flatliners, and After.Life), I wanted to reference a book, and so I bought both the book and the movie. 
  I have yet to finish reading this book as I’m rubbish at getting the motivation to read at the moment, but I’m very near the end and I am so excited to see where the plot ends up. It’s a beautifully written book and you can tell (thanks to the lengthy bibliography at the back) that a lot of work and research went into writing this. 
  I’m considering doing a full review on this book and maybe even the film once I’ve finished reading it, so I won’t say any more on this, other than telling you to read it!

Because I work at a cosmetics/health/beauty store, it would be silly not to include my favourite makeup, and this month I have been loving Barry M’s new lip kit in the shade ‘Go To’.
  This shade is an almost perfect dupe for the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Bow n Arrow’ that I was lucky enough to get as an eighteenth birthday present from my sister. The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are about sixteen or seventeen pounds each, whereas the Barry M ones are under five pounds!
  If I’m being honest, I even think I prefer the Barry M liquid lipsticks in terms of formula, and they actually stay on longer without wearing out. 
  The shade ‘Go To’ is a matte nude-brown colour, which dries onto your lips without drying them out or flaking, and the colour barely transfers at all (so you can kiss as much as you want without worrying about smudges and transfers). 
  For the price, the lip kits are incredible, and I now own two of the three shades.

So there you have it! Let me know in the comments what products/music/apps/shows/etc you’ve been loving this March, and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Thank you for reading.
Until next time, 

Things Have Been Changing

I’ve been inactive for just about a month now, and my absence is not something I have enjoyed. I miss blogging so, so much – but things in my life have been changing and developing faster than I can keep up with, so over the last month, I’ve not really had the time to sit down and write a blog post.
   I think I owe you an explanation – and I’d also just like to keep you up to date on my life, and share with you the exciting things I’ve been doing while I’ve been away.

First of all, on the fourth of January this year, I passed my practical driving test! How crazy is that?
  Before I started driving lessons back in March 2016, I wasn’t all that keen on driving. I didn’t think I needed to drive, and I didn’t particularly want to – but I was so, so wrong. Driving has opened up a whole new world for me, and has also opened a door to a little bit more independence. I no longer have to rely on my parents for lifts places, I can get there myself! I don’t have to ask them to drive my boyfriend home when he’s been round for the day, I don’t have to ask them to drive me to the supermarket at eleven at night when I want some chocolate…I can do all of it on my own, and it’s a great feeling!

A month later, on the fourth of February, I turned eighteen! I think that’s even crazier than passing my driving test to be honest. I still can’t quite believe that I’m eighteen, but I’m glad that I am, because once again it opens up a new world.
  I can go for drinks with my friends, buy and watch movies rated 18 (without having to ask my friend to buy it for me), I get a pay rise, and so much more. As an adult, I can be more independent and hopefully people can take me a little more seriously.

As an eighteen year old, I am also no longer required to stay in education. I can literally just walk away from college and never look back – and I was going to….but I didn’t.
  I was called in for a stage two referral meeting with my college due to poor attendance (these train strikes have been killing me), and I was set on leaving. However, as they do, they changed my mind. Apparently, I’ve pretty much passed my A-Level creative writing already, and so I may as well just finish it and come out with an A-Level. I did however say goodbye to English Literature and Language, because the workload was just too hard, and the coursework was too complicated.
  Now, I am only in college two days a week, meaning I have also picked up more hours at my job!

Because I have passed my driving test, my dad thought it was time to get me a new car. The car I’m currently driving is twelve years old, and is in need of a few jobs done on it. It’s incredibly expensive to run, and the maintenance isn’t really worth it due to the age of the car. So, I’m getting a brand new car. Yes…perhaps a little excessive, but when you think about it, it’s so much better.
  I’m going to buy the Hyundai i20, and I’ll get it in March. It’s a much safer car, with a smaller (1.2 litre compared to my current 1.6 which is way too much) engine, and it’s so much cheaper in terms of insurance, petrol, and road tax. Overall, it’s cheaper to have and run a brand new car, than it is my second hand one.
  Even more exciting than just getting the car, though, is the fact that I was accepted to completely finance the car myself without having it in my dad’s name, and without getting a guarantor. This means I’ll be getting some credit history, which will be a huge benefit in the future!

Finally, the other day I set up a new bank account, changing my under 19’s account to a current account.
  This means I finally have online banking, and it’s just generally a more ‘grown up’ bank account. Yesterday, I set up a savings account at literally two clicks of a button on the app, so now I can start saving money from work, to start saving up for the things I want to do in the future.

It’s a whole new world out there now, and I can’t wait to get back into blogging and take you on the journey with me!

As always, thank you for reading.
Until next time,

Tag: My Reading Preferences

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a tag on this blog, but the lovely Rebekah tagged me in this not too long ago, and it’s a great tag, so I thought I’d give it a go! You can read Rebekah’s tag [here], and Lia’s tag [here].

Thank you for tagging me!

  1. Read only series or stand alone?
    This was quite a hard question, because honestly I do love both series and stand alone books. Sometimes, I find that I really connect to a series, and become very involved in the stories and characters within the series, however, I tend to read stand alone books more frequently.
     Not all sequels are good sequels, but sometimes I do wish there was more to read of a story, so I suppose it varies based on the book itself.

  2. Read only female or male authors?
    I did a little survey of my bookshelves (and my Kindle) and found that most of my books are written by male authors, which didn’t surprise me. It’s not a huge difference in numbers though, but there are just a few male authors on my shelves.
    The gender of an author doesn’t at all sway my opinion of a book, however I would like to read some books from some more feminist female writers! But I wouldn’t ‘rather’ read a book by either gender.

  3. Shop at Barnes and Noble/Waterstones or Amazon?
    I live in the UK, so I can’t shop in Barnes and Noble specifically, but I have been there a few times when I’ve been in America (I love it). Waterstones is our equivalent, and I absolutely love shopping there. The stores are so peaceful, it’s so relaxing.
     However, sometimes it’s easier finding books online, so I love Amazon too.

  4. All books become movies or TV shows?
    Once again, this depends on the book itself (some stories need more depth than others), but I think I’d love a TV show that doesn’t leave any detail out!

  5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books a week?
    I once read about nine books in a week, but in recent years I’ve read less and less frequently which is pretty upsetting. I’d love to get back into reading, so I’d rather read five books a week!

  6. Be a professional reviewer or author?
    I’ve aspired to be an author since I was about six or seven years old, so I’d definitely love to be an author rather than a reviewer. I don’t think I’d be as good as reviewing to be honest.

  7. Only read your top 20 favourite books over and over, or always read new ones?
    I love re-reading my favourite books, but whether you re-read them or not, your favourite books stay with you forever, so I think I would rather read new books!

  8. Be a librarian or a bookseller?
    I think I’d actually love to have my own library, but a really relaxed library as opposed to the standard “be quiet!” libraries that are often dull and awkward. I’d love a library with a bunch of beanbags and sofas, etc. maybe a little cafe and perhaps even a mini book store inside.

  9. Only read your favourite genre or every genre but your favourite? I don’t think I specifically have a favourite genre, so it would be hard to read or not-read it. I’d love to read a variety of genres though, as opposed to just one.

  10. Only read physical books or e-books?
    I enjoy the convenience of my Kindle, but nothing will beat the feeling of a physical book!

I tag any book lover out there who has taken the time to read this post!

Thank you for reading.
Until next time,

A Poem: Midnight

Midnight on the beach
just our laughter
and the waves
and the light from out at sea
and the stars in the dark

Away from everything
no secrets
just open hearts
and open minds
and plenty of talk about old times

It’s the kind of night I live for
when nothing else is on my mind

Just our laughter
and the waves
and the lights from out at sea
and the stars in the dark.